Significant investment: Logistics company Transval to get a EUR 37 million warehouse

The 30,000 m2/400,000 m3 warehouse built for logistics company Transval is the latest significant investment in logistics in Finland. Construction work on the 6.5 ha plot in Bastukärr, Sipoo, will commence in February. Larger than four soccer fields, the warehouse will be completed in 2022. The total cost of purchasing the plot and constructing the warehouse is approximately EUR 37 million.

“For us, this is a significant investment. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with a responsible warehousing service utilizing new technologies and automation. Two million euros are invested in green energy solutions. Our investment in the new warehouse is in line with our goal of growing as a logistics outsourcing solution and material management service provider as well as ensuring our role as a pioneer and market leader in Finland. According to projections, the logistics outsourcing rate of companies operating in Finland will grow by roughly 20% in the next 10 years,” says Sakari Kiiskinen, SVP, Transval.